Heartburns are a common occurrence for most adults in due course of their lives. An uncomfortable burning sensation hailing right from the back of the breastbone, which at times creeps up the throat perfectly characterizes the symptoms of heartburn.

The uncomfortable burning sensation hails from an acid reflux which comes about when the lower esophageal sphincter muscle relaxes failing to hold down the stomach contents. As a result, stomach acids find their way back up the esophagus resulting in the heartburn sensation. Come to think of it – it is acid that burns your throat!

Surprisingly, it is possible to have a reflux with no heartburn symptoms. On the other hand, it is practically impossible to have heartburn symptoms without the spawn of reflux. There are plenty of readily available prescription drugs (as well as over-the-counter drugs), but in the case that you suffer from occasional heartburn symptoms, homemade remedies for heartburns and lifestyle changes are a better natural heartburn relief options.

Quick Tips to bring about Natural Heartburn Relief

1. Chew gum 


A study published in The Journal of Dental Research shows those gastroesophageal reflux disease patients, or those suffering from severe heartburns, are more likely to have a feel of relief when they chew a piece of sugar-free gum for over thirty minutes after a meal.


2. Use aloe juice to soothe your stomach 


Amazingly, Aloe is a plant that not only soothes sunburns as well as heartburns because of its anti-inflammatory aspects. Drinking a full glass of aloe vera juice is a natural heartburn relief option which helps reduce inflammation in your tummy and wards off any irritation.


3. Chin up and don’t lie down 


When we sleep, gravity works against us, and it is easier for the digested contents and juices to creep up the esophagus. Therefore, always try to elevate your head by ensuring that the head of your bed is placed on 6-inch books or bricks. Also, you could make use of a wedge-shaped pillow that you can shove beneath your mattress. Remember; do not lie down two to three hours after eating.


4. Incorporate a banana or an apple into your meal 


Bananas constitute natural antacids which help ward off acid refluxes. Store bananas till they fully ripen and eat a banana a day to realize one of the best homemade remedies for heartburn firsthand. Also, you can eat an apple a day right before you go to bed to help prevent or ease any discomforts that may creep up.


5. What, when, and how 


What do you eat?

  • By now, you must be wary of all the foods that spark heartburn symptoms. Usually, acidic foods (such as citrus products) and spicy foods constitute the types of foods that can trigger heartburns. Avoid incorporating these foods into your diet is a natural heartburn relief option.

When do you eat?

  • Avoid heavy meals two to three hours before you fall asleep. Sleeping only exerts more pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter muscles, and as a result, stomach acids may creep up the esophagus.

How do you eat?

  • Avoid swallowing giant mouthfuls of food. Swallow food in small amounts, savoring each bite of the delicacy, to allow your stomach ample time to digest the food and not to pump the excessive stomach acids up to the esophagus.