Heartburn Relief and Overweight Problems

Men and women who suffering from heartburn relief  and have overweight, often feel better after some weight loss. Scientists researched consequences of the weight loss during a year. Weight loss can help to eliminate reflux symptoms which people have, regardless gender. More than 60 million Americans at least once a month suffer from heartburn relief, according to the American Gastroenterology college. Stomach acid flows back into the esophagus which is accompanied by an unpleasant burning sensation.  A frequent manifestation of GERD or chronic form of heartburn can lead to complications if it isn’t treated, including esophageal narrowing or precancerous changes in the esophagus. This research involved 200 men and women whose average ages was 46 years. At the beginning of the research all suffered from obesity and overweight approximately 220 pounds. 38% of them in the beginning of this research heartburn symptoms were classified as GERD. After six months, patients, whose average weight decreased to 183 pounds, got rid of heartburn, and only 16% are still diagnosed with GERD. Over the next six months, 172 participants returned to the weight they had at the beginning. The number of participants in this experiment with the symptoms of heartburn again increased from 16% to 22%.Scientists noticed that even a little weight gain, less than 5% of the original figure, has led to the deterioration of symptoms. In addition, participants of this experiment, should not only have a diet for five weeks, they also should have been taken exercises, and different activities as jogging or walking for five hours a week. Thus, scientists concluded that in contrast to men, women can reduce their symptoms of heartburn with help of regular exercises.

Heartburn is a very serious problem but we can solve it with help of some easy recipes. Just diet and regular exercises. You should forget for forever about fatty and junk food. A healthy way of life is our new choice! Don’t worry there are a lot of different recipes that can be perfect for your healthy breakfast or dinner. Instead of fried eggs with bacon, you will have to eat porridge. Yes, maybe you think that it is awful but it is the only way how to escape from heartburn problem. While dinner you shouldn’t forget about soups. Soup should be on your menu every day. I can honestly tell you, that healthy way of life will bring a lot of positive emotions. Don’t be afraid and start a healthy way of life!